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Terms & Conditions

Sand & Sun Vacations LLC (SSV) Terms & Conditions


By placing payment client understands and agrees to the following term & conditions:


Cancellations, Changes & Fee’s .

We regret having to impose these standards and fees on our clients- however due to the necessity of having to quickly accommodate and resolve the issues so that the client does not lose their booking or incur additional fees, we have found it necessary to impose the following :

-Cancellations – All cancellations must be in writing from all parties in the room. There is a $100 p.p  ($200 single occupancy) Sand & Sun Vacations administration fee on all cancellations after deposit is made. After final payment the fee is $200 per person ($400 single occupancy). This is in addition to any supplier cancellation fees. If you purchase Travel Insurance these fees may be covered if you cancel for a covered reason.

-Changes ***A reservation change fee $50 P.P will be charged for any and all changes after package is deposited in addition to any supplier fees.. This includes but is not limited to name changes, price drops, date changes, addition of flights after accommodations are paid in full, addition of Frequent flyer numbers or points programs. Any and all changes must be made in writing with our office and the above fees will apply. After final payment the change fee- if changes are permitted by the supplier, is $100.00 p.p.. package prices are subject to change due to any changes made- including adding, dropping passengers or change of dates. While we will do our best if change is made to package within 48 hours of travel SSV, or within 96 hours during peak travel dates or holidays we can not guarantee that changes will be received by all travel suppliers and components.

Any changes made to a reservation may void any promotions, specials or additional amenities that were valid on the original package.

-Room category changes – if, after deposit ,the room category ( if supplier allows) is changed to a lower category there is a $75 per person fee in addition to any supplier fees.

-Denied Charges– in the event a credit card is denied we will resubmit the card once more, after contacting the client for verification of the card. After that each re-submission is a $25 fee. The fee must be paid before we re-submit payment.

-Late fee– It is the clients responsibility to make all payments on time. If payment is late there will be a $50 late fee. We generally try to contact every client within a week of final payment being due with a courtesy reminder.

Fees  will appear on your credit card via Paypal, Nexion or may be added to your reservation. All fees will be charged to credit card on file.

Travel Requirements, Documentation:

-Passports Books are required for all international Travel by AirNOT A PASSPORT CARD.

-If traveling internationally your cruise/ package requires all U.S. citizens to carry proper proof of citizenship, which is a passport to enter back into the USA. You will be denied boarding or entry back into the USA if proper documents are not presented. Sand & Sun Vacations recommends expediting  passports if travel is less than 6 months away. If you need to cancel your vacation package due to passport or Visa issues traveler will be responsible for paying to Sand & Sun Vacations full commissions due to them or the cancel fees –whichever would be greater, that would have been earned on package, had clients traveled. Travel Insurance nor the supplier will refund your funds because of being denied travel due to Passport issues.

-Documentation:If you are traveling Internationally – Your package requires U.S. citizens to carry proper proof of citizenship, which is a passport. By depositing on this package you take full responsibility and must determine the proper documents, Visas and vaccinations needed before going to any foreign country.

-If anyone in your traveling party has been convicted on any crimes they will need to check with a lawyer or their consulate on whether the country will allow entry. SSV can not advise on such legal matters and SSV nor their suppliers will provide any compensation if client is turned away from entry. If you or those traveling with you are denied entry, boarding or entry back into the USA you will not receive compensation from Travel Insurance, Sand & Sun Vacations, it’s agents nor the supplier.

Passports must be valid for 6 months after return date for most destinations including but not limited to Mexico & Jamaica

  • Sand & Sun Vacations recommend all passports be valid for 6 months after travel as requirements can change without notice.

To book airfare– we MUST have the Exact Full Names as they appear on your Passports or per the TSA you may be denied boarding. If you are denied boarding you will not receive any compensation for any portion of your package.

-No- Show – If you do not cancel in writing and do not show up, you will be considered a no show and will forfeit your trip and all monies paid. You will also be charged the cancellation fees to the card on file

-Airfare– Airfare is non-refundable and non-transferable. Flight schedules and seat assignments are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the airline. Airline tickets are electronic. No paper tickets will be sent. Boarding passes are given at check in. Most airlines will charge to check your luggage and will also have weight restrictions. Please check with your airline for their checked baggage fees. These will need to be paid at the airport or online check in and will be charged separately from your tickets.
-Non transferable– There are no name changes allowed to accommodations, transfers, or flights (nor any other component) unless otherwise stated on itinerary. No name changes after final payment under any circumstances.

-Price MatchesIf there is a price match on your reservation per the suppliers price match policy we cannot make any changes or adjustments, including but not limited to – names, dates, price drops, room categories.  To make changes will require a cancellation and re-book.

-Travel Insurance. I/we have received the recommendation and information to purchase travel insurance and if purchased I/we have read and understood the insurance policy. Travel Insurance cost is based upon cost of vacation package and travelers age.

-Documentation & Entry. Client takes full responsibility and must determine the proper entry requirements when traveling internationally. Including, but not limited to, proper documents, visas and  vaccinations needed for entry before going to any foreign country. Please consult your legal counsel if you have a felony to determine entry to another country -We recommend checking periodically as requirements can change.

-Children Travelling without One or Both Parents– the adult travelling with a minor without one or either parent will need to get a notorized statement from absent parent(s) providing permission for the child to travel out of the country.

Checks – There is a $75.00 fee for returned checks. Checks will need to be in the office three weeks prior to final payment or we can not accept them. We highly recommend using a credit or debit card. We can not accept checks for deposit, final payment  nor for airfare.


Binding Contract-

-Payment on your behalf enters you into a binding contract with Sand & Sun Vacations.

– I/we are aware of Vendor/supplier and Sand & Sun & Vacations cancellation policies and are assuming responsibility for all in my party.

– I/we agree not to dispute or attempt to chargeback any of signed for and acknowledged charges, nor cancellation or change fees- if we do an administration fee of $200 per person will be charged to the card on file.

-Other. Taxes and Fees are subject to change up until final payment per governmental agencies. Departure taxes and fees are at the sole discretion of foreign nations. Fuel surcharges are at the discretion of carrier. Client agrees to not hold Sand & Sun Vacations, nor their agents responsible for additional fees if assessed..

-Sand & Sun Vacations acts only as an agent in capacity for air carriers, hotels, tour and cruise operators, and other suppliers of services and shall not be held responsible for any increases in price, injury or for any loss or damage caused by accidents or events beyond their control, or by any action or negligence of attendants or third parties who are not in their employ. Sand & Sun Vacations can accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay or changes in air, sea or other services, sickness, weather, strike, war, quarantine or other causes. Cruises-Ports and special events are subject to change without notice per cruise line.

-The right is reserved to cancel your booking if payment(s) is/are late. The acceptance of this invoice by placing payment shall be deemed to be consent to all the above conditions. Other terms per flyer, brochure & tickets. All disputes and legal action must be settled in Allegan County, Michigan.