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Booking Yourself vs. Using a Travel Agent

Why should you use Sand & Sun Vacations Professional Travel Consultants to plan your Honeymoon, Romantic Get Away or Destination Wedding ?

This is your special, once in a lifetime moment as a couple,

there will never be another Honeymoon,

Destination Wedding or chance to recapture that Vacation moment, why would you NOT trust it to a professional and use a travel agent?

I know, I get it – it’s FUN to look at all the options, those beautiful glossy pictures of stunning beaches and beautiful landscapes. Chatting with friends and family about where they went, reading for hours review sites……

As travel agents we have one of the best careers in the world- we help make peoples dreams come true!

But using a travel agent isn’t for everyone, and honestly as a Boutique Travel Agency that specializes in providing personal service and great value, we don’t work with everyone . However if you are looking for a travel agency to assist with any of the following- contact us, we may be a good fit for each other!


iStock_000018956593_LargeCustomized Honeymoon, Vacation or  Destination Wedding Recommendations At Sand & Sun Vacations we provide you with the options that are best suited for and customized to your desires, wants and needs! We also provide unbiased resort reports- including the quirks and un-doctored photo’s . We value your vacation experience and want it to be wonderful for you and in turn for you to be a client for life!

Many online, do- it- yourself, sites provide a basic menu that appeals to the general public for you to choose from. They don’t take into consideration your wants, need, desires and dreams.  basically what it takes to make your Honeymoon or Destination wedding perfect for the two of you! It is simply one of hundreds of transactions that day to them. It makes sense that they can only program so many specials, accommodations and destinations. They try to steer you on their website to the properties where they’ll make the most commission, whether it  is the right vacation for you or not! After all you’re just a one time sale to them.  You do the work, you take on all the responsibility and they get all the credit!

Time savers Feel like you are running out of time? Tired of trying to sort through all of the options, marketing hype and travel websites? Come to us- we’ll listen to your needs and desires. Then we get to work attending to all the details of your dream honeymoon, destination wedding or romantic get away so that you can concentrate on everything else. We sort through the options for you and take care of all the details, it’s what we do best!

At Sand & Sun Vacations we always present the best VALUE. We never try to oversell you and always try to work within your budget presenting the best choices and options for your honeymoon, Romantic Get Away or Destination Wedding.

Personal Advocate When you book yourself who do you turn to if you run into a snafu? Lost reservation by the front desk, assigned to the wrong room category, cancelled flight, weather delay…. the list can go on and on. Unfortunately, these things do happen and if they happened on your honeymoon or vacation, who do you turn to? We are there for you prior to, during and after travel. Just give us a call & we’ll get it all straightened out!

iStock_000004151476_LargeStress relievers  We make all the travel arrangements for you, lessening your frustration. While it is fun researching your vacation plans, when you have so many details to look after it can become just another entry in your to do list! Especially if you are planning a momentous occasion such as a wedding (whether at home or on a sunny beach far from home), keeping track of everyone’s details can be stressful. We take away that stress by doing it for you!

We really CAN Save you Money! Booking travel arrangements is what we do, day after day, year after year!We  assist you in avoiding costly mistakes. Wrong airport,  basing your resort choice on marketing photo’s,  not having enough time for connections, not booking transportation to the resort, picking the resort based on price instead of the one that best suits your vacation needs ( saving a $100 isn’t worth it when your having a lousy time!).   Plus on most packages, our pricing is lower than what you can find on Internet booking engines.

Do you really want the cheapest vacation (the absolute lowest priced package) or a fantastic vacation at a great value?! The expression Penny Wise –Pound Foolish can have dire consequences when you apply it to honeymoon, destination wedding or vacation planning! When you look back over your honeymoon, vacation or destination wedding which do you think will matter more?

  • The $200 you saved by booking the cheapest package if you had a terrible time because the resort was completely different than you had imagined and couldn’t wait to come home?
  • Or, the amazing honeymoon, wedding or vacation you experienced because you use a travel agent from Sand & Sun Vacations and created fantastic memories?!

Our Sand & Sun Vacations travel agents are there to guide you in finding the best value- this includes flights, resort options specific to your desires  and overall experience!We take great pride in assisting our couples find the perfect vacation, honeymoon or destination wedding so they make amazing lifelong memories !!

We work with suppliers and resorts that are reputable, responsive and treat our clients with the respect they deserve!

Just a few examples of why couples should use a travel agent:

– A $100.00 difference in price may mean the difference from one layover or 3 layovers! Those layovers could lead to real problems with luggage, delays, missed flights etc. ! How much is it worth to spend your first day of vacation or your honeymoon to be traveling for 14 hours, instead of 6-8?Eating crappy and expensive airport food, and sitting in uncomfortable plastic chairs while watching the same news broadcast over & over on CNN, as compared to sipping your favorite tropical beverage on the beach or in the pool at your honeymoon or vacation destination?

– A couple who loves spending time on an beautiful expansive beach see’s a resort online that claims to be 5 star, the online reviews are really good and the pictures on it’s website are fabulous! The pricing is better than all the other 5 star resorts – they think they found an incredible “deal”!But what wasn’t mentioned or shown is that the beach has been eroded away, there is only enough room for a row of single lounge chairs, the resort is in need of repairs( those pics online- well they were from 15 years ago…..the reviews, well they were put up by management……

– A couple goes to check in at the fabulous all inclusive, adult only, 5 star resort they booked online…only to find that they didn’t purchase the all -inclusive, it was an add on and the ocean front room doesn’t have an actual view of the ocean, rather this resort classifies there rooms according to how close it is to the ocean not the view!


iStock_000027685826_LargeWhy not let the Sand & Sun Vacations experienced travel professionals handle the details? 

Call us at 877-208-6639 or Email to schedule a free consultation or Get started Here! 
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We look forward to making your dreams come true!